Bring Out Your Dead – Data Visualisation

Designed by David Donohoe, Bring Out Your Dead is a limited edition book & EP for Dublin based band “Brian Cullen’s Love Bullets”. David worked with the band to produce a 96 page book as the CD packaging! The EP is themed around pandemics and plagues of the middle ages, particularly the Black Death. David’s concept was to produce a ‘diseased book’.

My input was to generate three separate graphs, using the Processing programming environment and keyword analysis. My application took, as its’ input, the text from The Plague by Albert Camus and analysed the text content for certain patterns in three distinct areas:
– Despair
– Religion
– Hope

The generated statistical results were then sent to David, and incorporated into 3 graphs that appear within the book.

  • Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Illustrator
Further Details

Technologies used include Processing programming environment & Illustrator.

Final book produced by David Donohoe:
96pg book 148mm x 210mm

printed 1 colour digital on 80gsm white.
Cover printed 4 colour process on 250gsm single sided board.
Perfect bound. Screenprinted CD.