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Designed by Alan Davis and built by me, Home of Herbs provides an online presence for Helen McCormack who runs a small herbal medicine business in Dublin. The website contains a full conent management system to allow Helen to update all content on the site and contains an online shop with Paypal integration. A customised version of Silverstripe CMS was used and the site was built with HTML/CSS & Javascript.

Services Provided
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Silverstripe CMS

Home of Herbs

“There are many important differences between herbal medicine and what we often call ‘orthodox’ or modern medicine. Obviously, herbal medicine is based on natural plant medicine. While orthodox medicine has its roots in herbalism, it has evolved into something quite different. In a high-tech, knowledge based society, we have learnt many valuable things through the advances in modern medical science about how the body works, and how diseases affect us. This knowledge has been useful but perhaps it has also cost us something, if we now reject much of the wisdom which sprung from our deep connection with the natural world and spanned many centuries of observation and empirical practice.”