Irish Humanities Alliance Website

Designed by Alan Davis and built by me the Irish Humanities Alliance website facilitates the presentation of humanities related content by its members, and also provides an information and contact point for the IHA.

The site was built with HTML/CSS, Javascript and I also integrated a customised version of Silverstripe CMS to allow for regular updating and publishing of content by members of the IHA communications and outreach team – it also includes a full document repository aswell as a calendar of upcoming events.

A mobile version of the site was also built to provide a user friendly interface for smart phones.

Services Provided
  • Website Development
  • Silverstripe CMS
  • Mobile Development

Irish Humanities Alliance

The Irish Humanities Alliance (IHA) is an all-island alliance of Universities, Academies and Institutions whose aim is to foster an understanding of the value of the humanities amongst policy makers, legislators, educators, researchers, the media and the general public.

The Alliance also aims to highlight the impact of the humanities on social, economic and cultural development; and to strengthen the humanities perspective on key issues in education and research.