Synth Eastwood – Data Visualisation & Poster Design

Poster illustration using data generated from real-time audio analysis.

Based on the cyclical nature of the physics of sound waves and oscillations, Cycles D’Oppositions is a visual analysis of sound and time. It is a visual representation of some of the elements that make up a track – namely, Laurent Garnier’s ‘Cycles D’Oppositions’, and also focusses on the musical definition of a cycle by graphically representing these patterns in a circular format trying to distance the user from the linear nature of sound.

‘In music a cycle is a section which is repeated or repeatable indefinitely, with the end of a preceding repetition leading to the beginning of a succeeding repetition.’

This poster was created for the Syntheastwood show entitled Cycles and was generated using a combination of technologies.

Echonest is used for audio analysis with the resulting xml data manipulated, analysed and graphs generated using the Processing programming language, and finally the type and layout using illustrator.

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  • Data Visualisation
  • Process coding
  • Illustrator
What is Synth Eastwood?

Synth Eastwood

Synth Eastwood is an art, music & technology group based in Ireland/UK. They regularily curate group shows, perform interactive A/V sets and hold various gatherings and exhibitions with a view to meeting new folk and growing the Synth Eastwood community.

For their 6th show the asked artists, musicians and designers to submit work based on the theme “Cycles”. My poster submission was a visual analysis of a piece of music as previously outlined.

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