Synth Eastwood – Homemade – Generative real-time video installation

Generative real-time video installation projected in Filmbase for Syntheastwood’s group show (2009).

Using the processing programming environment I generated a real-time analysis of Twitter to produce an animation of all references to the keyword “Homemade” – the theme of this Syntheastwood group show. This piece allows users to interact by tagging their tweets with the keyword “homemade” and also allows a visual insight into anyone discussing the show in real-time.

Technologies used include Processing, twitter4j library & Twitter API

  • Processing,
  • twitter4j library
  • Twitter API
Who are Synth Eastwood?

Synth Eastwood

Synth Eastwood put our a call for submissions based on the theme “Homemade”. They received over 200 submissions consisting of audio, video, photography, illustration, installations and more. The show took place in Temple Bar on Friday May 15th 2009.

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