The Wrong Ferarri by Adam Green

Together with designer Karl Toomey, I built an online showcase for musician Adam Green’s full 70 minute movie titled “The Wrong Ferarri”. We utilised several technologies including Amazon’s Cloud Front system for delivering streaming content online and Longtail’s JWPlayer to present the full online movie to viewers and fans around the world. The movie can be streamed or downloaded and is fully iphone/ipad compatible.

Note: The website has since been archived and the film is available to watch on Vimeo

Services Provided
  • Amazon AWS
  • Javascript

A Screwball Tragedy

New York folk hipster Green has made the surreal 70-minute movie The Wrong Ferarri, tagged A Screwball Tragedy By Adam Green. He managed to recruit the former Home Alone child star [Macauly Culkin], who appears alongside other established actors. The film also features cameos from Pete Doherty, Dev Hynes, Jeffrey Lewis and Sky Ferreira.–2/55971